Hi, we are Dj & Raj, founder of Indian Wedding Bazar.

We are all for celebrations and luckily between our 4 children and matrimony of 18 years we got many occasions to call our own.

We always work hard to make sure everything is perfect.

The venue should show well, the food has to be mouth-watering, our centerpieces should make a statement and most importantly we wanted our guests to go home with a memory to cherish.

Sadly during all those occasions, we felt there was no one store where we can get all we were looking for and that is how Indian Wedding Bazar came to life.

It is your one stop shop for all your traditional party, wedding and special occasion needs.|It is a complete wedding/special occasion bazar that you can shop online.

We also assist you with your custom gifts. You can contact us and we will help create your vision.

At Indian Wedding Bazar we take pride to be your one stop shop for everything be it

Wedding Cards,

return gifts/favors,

custom gifts baskets,

wedding accessories,

designer trays,

designer stuff and a whole lot more.

We personally feel wedding or any special occasion is all about celebration and families should not feel burdened by things to do list.

We also rent Jago supplies, bridal jewelry, wedding DIY decorations and much more.

Big or small we take pride in each and every event that we do. At Indian Wedding Bazar, no budget is small and we will never pressure you to spend more. On the contrary, we will work with you to ensure that you can achieve the look you are after and save you some of your hard-earned cash.

At Indian Wedding Bazar, we have our own manufacturing, which means direct savings to the customer.

With every event we help organize, we celebrate your happy moments and try to make it special for you, the core idea that formulated this company